Tetra Pro Tropical Crisps

Tetra Pro Tropical Crisps

TetraPro™ Tropical Crisps provide advanced nutrition for the discerning fish-keeper. This nutritionally balanced diet feeds cleaner than ordinary flakes, leaving behind less waste in the aquarium and in the can. Each crisp is made using an exclusive low-heat process which preserves essential vitamins for a healthier, more nutritious diet. TetraPro Crisps float longer to allow fish more time to eat and are precision crafted with Biotin to support fish immune system health.

  • TROPICAL FORMULATION: TetraPro Tropical Crisps provide advanced nutrition for the discerning tropical fish-keeper.
  • OPTIMAL HEALTH: Made with exclusive low-heat process that preserves essential vitamins and nutrients – enhanced with biotin to support fish’s immune system.
  • COLOUR ENHANCING: High content of natural colour enhancers promote the development of rich, beautiful colouration in tropical fish.
  • CLEAR-WATER FORMULA: Easy-to-digest formula helps fish metabolise food more efficiently, reducing waste in the aquarium.
  • FLOATING FOOD: Fish have longer to eat, so more food gets eaten and the water stays clear.

TetraNutritionally-fortified crisps take the guesswork out of feeding your fish.

The outer edge of each crisp contains essential nutrients and centre contains either spirulina, carotenoids, or krill.

This unique tropical aquarium fish food generates 35% less waste than competing flake foods. Feed one crisp per lateral inch (2.5cm) of fish.

Uniquely shaped crisps deliver all the nutrition your fish needs. Each Crisp is “colour coded” so that you can easily see the benefits the Crisp delivers to your fish:


  • Green spots indicate healthy spirulina algae containing easy-to-digest protein
  • Red spots demonstrate a high level of carotenoids which stimulate rich colour
  • Orange spots are for high-protein krill which enhances muscle growth