Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps

Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps

TetraPro™ Goldfish Crisps provide advanced nutrition for the discerning fish-keeper. This nutritionally balanced diet feeds cleaner than ordinary flakes and leaves less waste in the aquarium. Each goldfish crisp is made using an exclusive low-heat process which preserves essential vitamins for a healthier, more nutritious diet. TetraPro Goldfish Crisps float longer to allow fish more time to eat and are precision crafted with Biotin to support fish immune system health.

Brilliant Colours. Brilliant Results.

Up to 35% less waste than competing flakes means more usable food, clearer water and healthy fish.

Superior, highly digestible ingredients.

  • Colourful nutrition makes feeding time fun.
  • Takes the guesswork out of feeding your fish.
  • The uniform size of the crisps provides consistency in feeding–simply feed one crisp per inch of fish.
  • Each colour-coded flake provides a high concentration of maximum nutrition.
  • Outer Ring–Essential Nutrition
  • Contains all essential nutrients, which can be metabolised.
  • Green Concentrated Colour
  • Spirulina algae stimulates richer colour.
  • Yellow Concentrated Growth
  • High-protein krill for enhanced muscle growth.

Up to 35% less waste than competing flake fish food

Unique goldfish food provides a high concentration of maximum nutrition.

Superior, highly-digestible food for goldfish.

TetraRound, flat crisps with spirulina and krill provide concentrated nutrition for 35% less waste than competing flake foods.

Simply feed one crisp per lateral inch (2.5cm) of fish for the ultimate in nutrition. Promotes rich colour, muscle growth, and disease resistance.